The will is a written instruction through which the right heir of his property and money is fixed after the death of a person. Let us know today that specific things related to will and what mistakes should be avoided while writing it …

Types of Will :

The wills are of two types: privileged and without privilege. A privileged will is an informal will that is made by soldiers, air soldiers and nine soldiers who have gone on adventurous trips or warfare. All other wills are called privileged wills. Will including privilege can be prepared in written form or oral declaration and by the people going to risk their lives by a short notice, while the privileges in the privileged will be needed to fulfill the formalities.

How to Keep the Will Safe

In the Indian Registration Act, 1908 there is a provision for the will to be safe. The name of the testator’s name or the name of his agent can be submitted to any registrar for sealed envelope security.

Wills Registration

The will can be prepared on a plain paper and if it has been signed below it will be fully valid which means it is not mandatory to register it legally. But to avoid doubts on its reality, one person can also register it.

If a person wishes to register his will, he will have to go to the sub-registrar’s office along with the witnesses. Sub-registrars are for different districts and the person have to locate the registrar who will assist in the registration of the will.

In What Situations Will Be Useless

According to the Indian Succession Act, your will can be useless in 11 situations. One common reason for this is that if it is a matter of transferring a portion of the property to a person who is signing a witness will, the will can prove to be useless. According to legal provisions, if a property is being transferred to the person or his spouse, who has signed, then it becomes useless. The choice can also be useless. In other reasons, to include such condition in the will, which is not possible, even then the justification for the will will be questioned.

Do not make these 8 mistakes in writing the will

Most people know well who will inherit their property, but many people forget to enter this papers. There is no wonder that due to this, many of their heirs are exposed after the death of many rich and then a long legal dispute goes on. Having a clear will, the actual right of the property does not have to run a lot. Let’s know which 8 mistakes related to the will should not be done …

1. Will not be a will

If the will is not properly prepared, then legal heirs have to prepare several types of documents to claim their claim. In all this, where they have to run a lot, even there is a lot of expenditure.

2. Do not prepare the will

Many people make mistakes while making a will. You must write the name, address, location and date as well as the full name of the beneficiary, the correct description of the relationship and the property, as required by you.

3. Not giving information in detail

Give details of your movable and immovable properties in detail. Apart from this, such as your details of your bank accounts, locker numbers and property in proper manner. This will not cause any kind of confusion.

4. Do not update the will

If there is a change in the status of your property or heirs after making a will, then do not forget to update the will.

5. Not appointing the right executor

The executor is the person who sees that the things recorded on your behalf in will that will be done as per your wish or not. Many people make their own person or child an executor who is not well. Instead you should make some youth an executor.

6. Name the minor property

If you wants to create a will for a minor, then his guardian must also be appointed. If the Guardian is appointed, then they will play the role of his caretaker until he/she is a minor.

7. Make a Will While Alive

Many people divide the property while living, thinking that there is no dispute after death. One disadvantage of this is that children do not take care of their parents properly. Power is in your hands by making the will.

8. Planning for disability or death

If you become a victim of any kind of disability or become a life-threatening illness, then in that case, who will decide on your health, you can make a will.

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