Uttar Pradesh is preparing for recruitment of 68500 assistant teachers. Written test for this on 12th March. Experts believe that this kind of exam is going to be the first time. Therefore, neither do you expect to get the question papers for the past years for preparation. However, model papers have been issued by the government. Experts believe that these models can be found in paper based preparation and better results. Apart from this, preparation of NCERT’s textbooks has always been a task.

What do you read about ?

Hindi, Sanskrit and English languages: grammar unreadable verse and comprehension

Science: Stages of science, speed, force, energy, distance, light, sound, world of creatures, human body, health, hygiene and nutrition, environment and natural resources, substances in the daily life.

Mathematics: numerical ability, mathematical operations, decimal, local values, different, interest, profit-loss, percentage divisiveness, factor factor, axiom rule, general algebra, area average, volume, ratio, general statistics.

Environment and Social Studies: Earth’s structure, rivers, mountains, continents, ocean and fauna, natural resources, latitude and longitude lines, solar system, Indian geography, Indian freedom struggle, Indian social reformer, Indian constitution, natural disaster management.

Teaching skills: teaching methods and skills, theory of learning, present

Information Technology: Information about the use of information technology computers, internet, smartphones, teaching materials in the field of teaching skills development, classroom teaching and school management.

Life Skills / Management and Approach: Effective Use of Business Practices and Policy, Motivation, Role of Learning (Facilitator, Observer, Leader, Guide, Counselor), Constitutional and Human Origin, Penalties and Rewards System. Indian society and early education, inclusive education, innovative education, educational evaluation and measurement, educational management and administration.

Child psychology: Personal differences, factors affecting child development, identifying need to learn, creating an environment for teaching, learning principles and their practical usefulness in classroom teaching.

Common sense: Contemporary important incidents- Important events related to international, national, state places, personality compositions, international and national awards / sports jumps, Indian culture and art.

Logical Knowledge: Analogies, Assertations and Reasons, Binary Logics, Classification, Clocks and Calendars, Coded Inequalities, Coding and Decoding, Critical Reasoning, Cubes Number Series, Puzzles, Symbols and Notions, Wayne Diagrams and Dice, Data Interpretation, Grouping and Selection, Letter series

How many points of the subject?

Languages: Hindi, Sanskrit and English: 40, Science: 10, Maths: 20, Environment and Social Science: 10, Teaching Skills: 10, Child Psychology: 10, General Knowledge / Occasional Events 30, Reasoning: 5, Information Technology: 5, Life Skills / Management and Aptitude: 10

Examinations will be in both Hindi and English, but all paper papers except English paper will be answered in Hindi only.

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